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What our customers say about us
What our customers say about us
"Absolutely loved the colour change. Thank you for your suggestion! it fit perfectly and looked amazing! Thankyou again. "
— Amna from Pakistan
What our customers say about us
“I love the outfit ❤️I wore it to my dholki”
— Maryam from USA
What our customers say about us
“It was perfect . Everyone loved it”
— Ammara from USA

About the brand

Morri, the name itself, comes from the idea behind creation. It is derived from a silkworm of the mulberry tree, known as Bombyx Mori. It strives to present this world with one of the most heavenly fibers in the world. The indigenous relevance of the moth to the history of this land, the subcontinent, contributes to all that transpired through centuries. The silk route was the gateway to this land and Mori, the reason behind it.

Morri is today's woman, she is unique and that is our promise.

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